Do you need an appraisal?

The value of homes has risen sharply in recent years. In the event you wish know the value of your house we will prepare an appraisal report for you. Erwin Voorneveld is an experienced real estate agent-appraiser.

In these cases, an appraisal is usually necessary:

  • arranging a mortgage when buying a house
  • adjusting a mortgage
  • determining the market value of a house in the event of a divorce
  • determining the value of a home in an estate
  • determining the value of your home in the event of an intended sale

The appraisal report

You almost always need a NWWI validated appraisal report. Erwin Voorneveld is a member of the NRVT, the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers and works with under the supervision of NWWI. For whatever reason you need an appraisal report we will provide it carefully prepared ans substantiated.

We carry out appraisals in accordance with the strict requirements of the Dutch Housing Value Institute, the NWWI. This institute checks and supervises the report. You are assured that our appraisal report complies with the rules and standards applied by the banks.

Independent, honest, qualitative.

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Erwin Voorneveld, Master Law Degree, member NVM(Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents)
Sworn Broker & real estate Appraiser

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